Ivan D. Dobrev |Short CV| 2019

Ivan Dobrev (°1969) is an artist and a doctor of audiovisual and visual arts of Hasselt University.
Currently he is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Media, Arts & Design, PXL School of Arts, Hasselt, Belgium.
He graduated with a bachelor of arts at the Akademie Beeldende Kunsten (1996).
Obtained his master degree at the department of Fine arts as a Laureate of Jan Van Eyck Academy, (1996-1998) Maastricht, The Netherlands.
Central to his doctoral research is the system of Troyan ceramics in the context of contemporary (polychromatic) sculpture. The study endeavors to define the specific features of traditional ceramics, such as ornament and color by focusing on the actuality, relevance and application of these features in conceptual and practical re-evaluation within the broad scope of contemporary art practice. On the strength of its nature, the interdisciplinary study represents the focal point at which tradition, innovation and technology meet, and so outlines the criteria for innovative and successful realization of the artistic product.
Ivan Dobrev’s professional experience covers a wide range of expertise in the arts, such as:
– academic publication: Beholding Troyan Ceramics: Essays on traditional ceramics & contemporary
– art seminars and symposia
– artist in residence at European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC), den Bosch,
– Buro Beeldende Kunsten,Vlissingen,
– curatorial co-ordination, between Spanish Government Museum of Maastricht and TEFAF
– solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria. He has been awarded the Basis Stipendium of BKVB, 2001 and the award of Department of fine arts at Jan van Eyck Academy, 1998.
Languages: Dutch, English, Bulgarian